Investors Choose Panama

I read an interesting article recently about investors choosing Panama

The article states valid information concerning statistics and dollar amounts but then goes on to mention recent publicity around the current President being a potential strongman.

I’m not from Panama but I’ve lived here for 15 years, I don’t vote and have to political agenda. I’ve been here long enough to see the good and the bad. I’ve experienced the growing pains of the recent “boom” and I understand the potential the country has. I’m saying this, hopefully to add some credibility to my opinion that Martinelli is no strongman and far from it. He’s quick to express his personal opinion, perhaps when he should think twice and say nothing. But he has shown that he’s open to discussions.

So if you’re thinking of investing in Panama, don’t think twice about the strongman hype. President Martinelli is moving the country in the right direction and now is the time to get in.


About panamainvest

I have a MBA, with 20 years of investment experience in Latin America and the Caribbean.
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